Sustainable Masterbatches

Bio Based Solutions

Rapid Colour have pioneered the manufacture of Masterbatches based on Bio Based feedstocks. These include:-

  • Bio Based Polyethylene from plant derived feedstocks – thus reducing your carbon footprint
  • Masterbatches based on PLA and other “Biodegradable” polymer families

Recycled Source Masterbatches

To support the growth in polymer recycling and the circular economy, Rapid Colour have developed a range of Masterbatches based on recycled feedstocks.

  • We have developed a range of Colour & Additive Masterbatches based on recycled polymers, thus increasing the recycled content of your product
  • We have developed a Black Masterbatch containing both recycled polymer and recycled black pigment derived from waste tyres.

    NIR Detectable Masterbatches

    Extensive use of Carbon Black based Masterbatches can cause issues in the recycling detection systems currently used.

    To support the demand for higher collection & recycling rates in packaging applications, Rapid Colour have a proven track record in supplying NIR Detectable Black & Coloured masterbatches to allow total recyclability.

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