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Rapid Colour Services are the leading independent UK based manufacturer and supplier of technical custom colour and additive masterbatch solutions to the thermoplastics market.

Technically driven, and with over 100 years of plastics processing experience, we have proven success with our products in the following fields:

Injection moulding of all filled and unfilled thermoplastics including Polyolefins, Styrenics, Nylons, Polyesters, Acetal, Polycarbonates, TPE’s and TPU’s

Profile extrusion for Polyolefins, Flexible PVC, PC and Styrenics

Sheet Extrusion and Thermo-Forming of Polyolefins and Polyesters

Blow moulding of Polyolefins and Polyesters

Fibre spinning of Polyolefins, Polyamides and Polyesters

Cable extrusion of Polyolefins, LSZH, F-PVC, TPU and TPE

Being an independent company we have the flexibility to source all of our own raw materials with no ties to any particular suppliers. This allows us to shop around for the most suitable raw materials on the market at the most competitive prices. This also ensures we are furnished with a greater selection of colourants which enables us to carry out more accurate colour matches and delivery your bespoke product with unrivalled service and support in Rapid time.

Your quality expectations are key to us and here at Rapid Colour Services we continually strive to improve our performance in relation to our products, customer service and delivery. With our ISO accredited systems, hygiene and glass breakage policies you can be assured you are working with a company that values the importance of high quality standards.

We’ll have made a difference everywhere but here are some areas of product placement:

M&S   |  Tesco  |  Sainsbury’s  |  Asda  |  B&Q  |  JCB  |  Toys R Us  |  McDonalds  |  Boots  |  Dunlop Slazenger  |  Pepsi  |  Ford  |  Jaguar  |  Toyota BMW  |  Max Factor  |  Rimmel  |  L’Oreal  |  Schwarzkopf  |  The Ministry of Defence  |  The Commercial Aircraft Industry

Specialists in colour and additive masterbatch solutions

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